Saturday, 2 June 2012

Back Again. ..

You missed me?
Probably not because nobody reads my blog. . .
Yeah I checked the profile views and it was 9
so i stopped blogging even though there is heaps to tell.
Until today. . . 
I checked my profile views and it is 45!!!
MissM gets heaps of views and it is not fair. Just because she is level 21 ( I'll talk about that!) she gets loads of people reading her blog.
I just blooming blogged and no one is reading it!!  

Guess what?! 
There are new levels!!!

All the level 20's re now level 21 and ishacool is level 23!

Bye peepz! 

Monday, 9 April 2012


No reply! Ugh! I'm so bored. Nothing to do! 
I e-mailed them again so if they don't reply by Wednesday, I'll have to reboot my computer or something!
I thinking of making a movie Called Lock Me in Your Heart. My friend gave me the idea. Well not 'friend' more like a class mate. She doesn't come on MSP. She still getting over something. (Don't ask me!)
In the movie there is a couple. The guy dumps her and she finds it hard to get over it. The guy goes out with someone else. The girl goes out with another boy. They both get jealous of each other. They work together in a project thing and fall back in love.
Another movie idea called I'm Through With It. 
It is not about love, it's about FRIENDSHIP. Two girls called Sam and Tracy. They are friends for ages and can never be split up! Until Sam doesn't want  to be be friends with Tracy. They argue over something that is so not true. For two months they are not friends. Then Sam wants to be friends again so Tracy says yeah but they both know things won't be same again. Then another girl called Lily comes along and they are absolutely best friends with her. Sam and Lily are leaving Tracy out in everything. Tracy tries not to mind but can't help thinking that she would be happy without them. She ignores that thought. Sam said to Tracy that she said she doesn't be friends with her because she is always left out. Tracy explodes at this and says even Sam wants to be friends again, she would say no. 
Find out what happens in the end!

Yes I have written a lot because I am bored


Sunday, 8 April 2012

I e-mailed MSP

OK so I e-mailed them. (click to make it bigger!)

Hopefully they'll reply soon as possible.

I'll be back soon as possible

Saturday, 7 April 2012

What has happened to my computer?

I was just going MSP after reading for a while, and then this came up. (click to make it bigger). If you still can't read it, my computer has been locked out? What the hell?! I'll try again later. Same kinda things like this have happened before. 

Do you like my new blog look? I thought it boring using blue and white all the time so i switched to Smarties because they're multicolored and I can use all sorts of colors!  

I got a new poll so please vote. I can't imagine anyone not loving Smarties. I like the orange ones best! 

Here is a random picture to finish . 

(I needed something yellow!)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Finally made the movie

Yes I have finally made the movie I was on about. It's called The Mirror. Its a creepy story about Candy Man.
WARNING: I dunno if The Candy Man is true or not because I have never experienced it. It also means if you try it, it could be fatal. It May just be a legend, it may not. Just don't try it! (Unless you wanna commit suicide!) 

Anyway, not many read my blog. 

Fed up of making Movies

I hate making movies. Fed up now. Have a look at this picture. (Click to make it bigger!)  MSP was getting slow so I decided to save my movie that I was making and then it crashes. That weird 'Plugin' thing comes up and then I can't save it. I lose it.
I wish to complain to MSP and making Movies.

I should e-mail them. Yeah.

Do remember thought it might not be MSP, it might be your computer!